Customer Testimonials

 - take notice that these are REAL people that were proud to list their full names !

                  "In the early stages of looking for my first house, I admit to some anxiety. I knew that I was a novice. It was a time of year when I knew that I would be busy with my work. On top of this, I was skeptical of finding a good deal in the post-hurricane housing market of Pensacola. Fortunately, Toby Moore insisted on helping me find a house and on being my agent through closing procedures.
        Toby exemplifies Christian principles; his professionalism and trustworthiness in business set me at ease. In the beginning of my search, Toby carefully kept to my initial (slightly low) statement of price range. He sent complete lists of houses for sale within my stated parameters and was flexible in helping me to see the houses in which I was interested. As I let him know my expanded price range, we quickly found a house that suited me very well. 
         Besides prompt help with searches, Toby was careful to give me sound advice as I went through the process of making offers, obtaining a home inspection, working with my loan officer, and preparing proper paperwork for closing. His advice and availability made it possible for me to have a smooth closing procedure on my house. The final benefit to the purchase was the fact that the appraised value of the property was 19% more than the purchase price. I am thankful for the direction that God gave me as I purchased this property and especially for His hand in leading me to a hard-working, helpful realtor such as Toby Moore." 
- Geoff Holloway -
Pensacola, FL  

 " I know I keep on saying thank you very much, but it does mean a lot to me and my family that you have kept with us during this purchase, as I believe many other agents would not have bothered. People have been asking about how ‘the house’ is going and I always let them know how helpful, patient and informing you are and that you come highly recommended, especially with our situation." (Before Closing) 
             "I have thanked you a million times already, so here is a million and one times! Thank you so very much for everything that you have done for me and my family. What differs you from other Realtors, is that you took a personal interest in where my family would end up living. We went and saw lots of properties and you would not let us make the mistake of buying a house that was either in the wrong area or not at the right price for my family. To have that quality as a Realtor in today’s cut throat market, to take the time to do that, that is a priceless quality in which you possess. When more people realize that there is a Realtor in town like you, you will be swamped with work, and I truly believe that. 
              I truly believe that when a person puts their heart and soul into something and they possess the qualities you have as a Human Being, the rewards will be reaped. You only get out of something what you put into it. It may not happen right away, but it will, and I hope it does for you. (After Closing) 
- Michael and Samantha Locke -


        "I cannot say enough about how happy we are about choosing Toby to represent us during the recent purchase of our retirement home. He is an honest and true professional who always has his client’s best interests at heart. A great communicator, he never missed a beat keeping us informed and abreast of everything going on with our new construction home. After a rough experience with our home builders where we saw our home slipping from right under us, Toby fought for us and had us in our home in no time!"

    - Roy & Milly Jenkins 


        " Toby did a wonderful job of helping to facilitate our move from our home in Alaska to our home in Pensacola. He was always quick to respond and never felt pushy like some other agents that I have met in the past. "

- Matt & Ashley Robards


            "I'm not in the market for a new home just yet, however, I did want you to know how awesome you were during my home buying process back in 2012 when I was extremely anxious to get in somewhere quick. 

I changed up careers (thankfully) and have been a mortgage processor at Navy Federal for almost a year now, man how time flies. Ideal with a lot of people out in the real estate world. With that being said, I want to sincerely thank you for making my home buying process a breeze and taking care of things for me.  I don't ever remember talking to anyone from my lender, besides the nice lady at the branch, nor having to do much, besides just printing and signing a lot of papers. I do not experience that with a lot of agents I deal with on a daily basis, so I think of you and my experience often. 

Just wanted to stop by real quick to let you know you have left me with high expectations of everyone else and they can't even compete with you. Best Wishes from an old neighbor and forever client" 

 - Jennifer Whalen - 

           "Toby's knowledge of the real estate ins and outs is exceptional. He is diligent in maintaining professionalism in all aspects and is trustworthy with your interests at heart. If you want someone that will be able to get the job done correctly with the knowledge to do it right first, then Toby would be the one to choose. You can count on him to keep everything as it should be."         

 - David Disher  - 

        "Toby is a dedicated professional who made me feel like I was his only client, A realtor who is genuine, honest, efficient and always makes his client a priority. Not only knowledgeable about the demographics, but realistic about expectations and results. "

 - Tere Beckman  -  

         "Toby did a wonderful job of helping to facilitate our move from our home in Alaska to our home in Pensacola. He was always quick to respond and never felt pushy like some other agents that I have met in the past.

 -  Matt & Ashley Robards  -

          "I highly recommend Toby Moore. He helped my husband and I sell a house and we were both impressed by his honesty, his knowledge of the market and his helpfulness in all aspects of the transaction. I can truly say he is man of integrity and you could not go wrong engaging him as your real estate agent."

-   Wendy Green  -

          "Toby, I am so glad that we chose you to sell our house! It sold a lot quicker and for more than we expected and I know that was because of your hard work. You made a sometimes, challenging process a breeze. We will continue to recommend you and we look forward to shopping for a our new home knowing that you will be helping us out!"

 - Ben & Cher Clary -

           "You did an outstanding job with my house and showing it to potential buyers. I was always kept up to date on any changes no matter how
big or small they were. I never thought that I needed to worry about anything. Definitely would recommend your services to anyone looking
to sell their house quickly. Thank you so much for all the effort you put in to getting my house sold." 

-David Alexander-

        " As a United States Marine, we have three pillars that our corps is based on, Honor, Courage and Commitment. I often find it hard to find businesses that are true professionals and even harder to find a business that possess at least one of our pillars. It seems customer service and satisfaction have lost its place in the business world. Toby is a true example of the pillars that make the Marine Corps so strong. I was treated with the same respect and dedication as a client with a home ten times the value of mine. This was my first time selling a home, Toby made it a very painless process. If you are looking for a professional, look no farther. You will not be disappointed." 
Semper Fidelis,
GySgt Roby Braud USMC

           "Toby, Jacob and I just want to thank you for all your hard work in the sale of our house. I know it was not easy in todays real estate market. We really appreciate your honest, straight-forward approach. We will definitely recommend you to our friends and military contacts!" 
- Stacey Jaworski

            "I want to thank you for taking us on and selling our've been great through the whole ordeal. You kept us informed and pretty much told us how it is. You didn't tell us what we wanted to hear, but told us what we needed to hear has far as the economy and the in's and out's of selling our home. We were totally satisfied with your work with the selling of our home." 
- Arthur & Denise Hill" 

           "Toby, We wanted to thank you for all of your OUTSTANDING help with the sale of our home. You are a very professional, courteous and wonderful person and we were lucky to have you for our agent and neighbor. Selling in this market is difficult, but two looks and two offers cannot be beat! Thanks again, 
Cathy and Scott Lewis"

             "Toby was very friendly and honest throughout the entire home buying process. He was just as helpful, courteous and dedicated while working with us across the country as he was when we met him in person. His honesty and affability are two qualities that would encourage us to recommend his services to any of our friends or family in need of an agent. " 
- Justin and Heather Hsu - NAS

             "Absolutely Great Job & would recommend (will recommend) to all of my friends/co-workers. 
– Always available when needed 
– Provided great info throughout process 
- J.P. Appleton- NAS
"Was always honest and helpful throughout the process. Always treated us with respect and kept us up to date on everything going on. Would recommend him to anybody looking for a honest & straightforward Realtor - Made for a smooth experience." 
- Andrea Appleton-

             "We can't thank you enough for the exceptional representation you gave us in selling our home. The professionalism and knowledge you possess certainly made us feel more confident that we could and would sell our home even when the real estate market conditions looked pretty bleak. And of course, you were right! I also want to tell you we really appreciated your encouragement and patience in guiding us through the process after we went under contract. You are truly one of a kind! Thank you again, Tobe!".. 
- Rodolfo and Michelle Samayoa - .. .

              "You were very professional and made an immediate impression on me." 
.- Rusty Dillard -

             " Tobe was very personable and willing to listen to what was important to us. We appreciated how he was determined to negotiate for us in a firm, yet friendly manner. He is also very conscientious; his attention to detail saved us thousands of dollars at the closing. I would highly recommend Toby Moore as a realtor in this area." 
- Sonja and Russ Young -

             " I haven’t had one minute’s worry when I bought or sold my house through you, and it was my first one! I am very happy with everything that you have done for me, you truly made this experience a great one. Thank You for everything!" 
- Brittany Lynn - NAS Penscola.

             " I want to thank you for properly handling your end of the sale you had with C. Stone of Old South. She mentioned that you were very professional and nice to work with. As a broker, I really appreciate that. I wish you well in your career. 
Sincerely, - Jim Porter - ..

              " Even though we were from out of town, attempting to sell our house in Pensacola, you were the best at responding to our questions and making things happen. Because of your perseverance and attention to details the sale went through without a hitch". 
Thanks for your assistance,
Norman A. Lewis,
Detroit, MI

                "Tobe was Great! He explained everything up front, gave much needed advice and was very pleasant to deal with. Tobe is very customer oriented and goes out of his way to get things done. He sold our home exceptionally quick in a slow market! Thanks Tobe" 
- Matt & Angie Lamirande -

                 " Thanks a million! You know exactly what we’re looking for. Ray and I are truly blessed to have met you." 
- Carmel Porterfield -

                 "I am extremely happy with the service I received from Toby, without him I would not have my amazing first home." 
- Jacob Clark - NAS Pensacola